Friday, April 9, 2010

10 Reasons to Come to the Bible Crusade

1. Everywhere you look, bad news. People getting shot, couples getting divorced, continuous suffering. It's about time that some good news get delivered. The Bible Crusade does that.

2. God's thoughts and ways are higher than ours. It's the classic perception VS. reality game. Only with this one, our souls at stake. There's a clear difference between the Word and our thoughts. The Bible Crusade will give you what you need to decide on one. And there can be only one.

3. The Gracias Choir. No, seriously, they're that good. But what's better is the heart from which they praise the Lord, out of thankfulness and simple awe of God's power, grace, and love.

4. You could be suffering in sin. You've tried to remedy it through a myriad of things. No dice. Key word in Bible Crusade is BIBLE. It's what can show you the way to be freed from whatever is binding you.

5. It's free. Absolutely, positively. Just come and experience it.

6. The thing is only twice a year. 2 weeks out of 52. The odds are already against you.

7. It may sound phony, but the fellowship will change your life. When you do come, make sure you chat with a counselor. Any spiritual problems you may be going through, there's a Scripture to alleviate it.

8. We have a concept in our minds of what repentance and faith is, but do we really know? If you have even 1% of unsureness about that, you're due a night or two at the Crusade.

9. You most definitely have friends, loved ones, co-workers, classmates, those around you who need the Gospel. Be a vessel.

10. Pastor Ock Soo Park. His sermons don't just inform, they will move you and let you see that God is alive, Jesus has finished "it", and the Spirit is moving in the midst of all of us.

4/12/2010- 4/16/2010
Hammerstein Ballroom
Manhattan Center Studios
Services: 7:00 pm, 10:30 am

Bible Crusade Event Information

Bible Crusade Event Information
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