Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Preparation Has Officially Begun

Hello, everyone.

Preparations for Manhattan Center are underway.
We've been establishing our presence with our street teams, who have tirelessly evangelized not just the Crusade, but the Gospel in general, for the past few months.

Yes, you have the ones that bypass a booklet or fellowship, but the response has been generally very positive. It's thrilling to see that so many have borrowed books, engaged in conversation with us, and have attended the Manhattan Church to listen to the Word.

Now, you'll see us in the streets, literally. Keep your eye out for us and visit the website at We hope that you just don't see us, but that we see you at the 2009 Manhattan Center Bible Crusade with pastor Ock Soo Park.

More to come soon~!

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Bible Crusade Event Information
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