Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 27- Ready or not...

Greetings everyone, in the name of the Lord.

The Bible Crusade management wants to thank you for your tireless support. The facebook add's, the twittering, and all the comments have been absolutely wonderful.
It's all about getting the word out. Optimization is key!

This just in. The official Bible Crusade website is up. Check it out at:

Not too hard, right?

Although the tension is in the air, and everyone involved is probably nervous beyond description, there's so much hope, positive energy, and faith in God that this event will be a success. In fact, it's more than an event. It is preaching this Gospel that so many think they know, and so few actually have a firm grasp on.

It's not about preconceived notions, pride, or experience. It is about seeing the Word of God in a new light for a change. That light is the light of God.

Once again, thank you, and keep the faith alive! It's only a matter of weeks away.

Don't forget to peep our promo video. A simple way of saying a lot. That's all I'll say. Simple.


Bible Crusade Event Information

Bible Crusade Event Information
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